Getting Started with SOA 11g

Some quick steps to get a working SOA 11g install with a 11g DB repository

Database Install

SOA 11g supports Oracle 10g and 11g database, with following version
- Oracle Database 10g ( or later)
- Oracle Database 11g ( or later)

Note: you should install the DB with AL32UTF8 character set, otherwise you will get a warning when you run RCU:

The database you are connecting is with non-AL32UTF8 character set. Oracle
strongly recommends using AL32UTF8 as the database character set.
(however, as per certification page of SOA this warning can be ignored)

For download page of DB 11g go to

and next you need to upgrade to using

Follow all the PRE and POST install steps from the patch 6890831 readme for a succesfull upgrade to

SOA Certification

Make sure your OS meets minimum requirements as specified in
and the certification page

# ulimit -n
to find the maximum file descriptors

If the descriptors value is 1024, then edit /etc/security/limits.conf to increase the descriptor limit,
for example to 4096 :

* soft nofile 4096
* hard nofile 4096

Run RCU (Repository Creation Utility)

Download it from here :

Run the RCU (Repository Creation Utility) to create SOA Schemas .
If you let the default settings you will end up with following schemas

Weblogic 11g

Download Weblogic 11g from OTN :

and install it :

chmod +x wls1031_linux32.bin

Install Soa 11g

Download the SOA package from here :


Go to SOA_HOME/common/bin folder and run

If you let at previous steps (WLS and SOA) default settings you will have here:
- Domain name = base_domain
- At the configure JDK screen choose Development Mode for JDK and Production Mode to use JRockit
- In the JDBC config screens the schema names are those given to RCU above
- Don't select anything at Advanced Configuration Screen

Start the server

First start WLS admin server
and next start soa_server1 (and bam_server1 if you installed also BAM).
MW_HOME/user_projects/domains/domain_name/ soa_server1

Open a browser window:

- To access the Administration Server console:

- To access Enterprise Manager:

by default port is set to 7001.

Jdeveloper 11g

Download JDev 11g (for Linux or Windows)

and also download "JDeveloper extension for SOA technologies" from here:

Install JDeveloper and open it. Select Help/Check For Updates, Install from local file.
Bowse to the location you saved ""
After Install completes restart JDeveloper and go to Help > About > Version tab to confirm that the SOA extension are installed.

Last step is to create a new connection in JDev and you are ready to test your first composite:

Go to View > Application Server Navigator, right-click the Application Servers and select "New Application Server" . Enter connection details -> the default port is 7001 and WLS domain "base_domain" (if you left unchanged the install defaults). When testing the connection you should see 8 of 8 succesful completed tests.

Reference documentation:

SOA Install Guide:
SOA Quick Install Guide:
DB 11g Install Guide:

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  1. Jordan Says:

    Any thoughts on doing this natively on a 64-bit Intel-based MacBook Pro? I have been able to natively install DB, WLS 10.3.1, and run the RCU. Stuck on the SOA Suite bits as they seem OS dependent. In theory could one run the installer in say a Linux VM and then copy the installed tree to the Mac before running the config script? Just looking for suggestions as JDev 11g with the SOA bits embedded installs and runs on the Mac. Thanks!

  2. Mihai Says:

    What errors do you get at install - it only complains about OS or also some libraries ?

    MacOS is not in the list of supported configurations for SOA. However, if you successfully ran the WLS and RCU installers, and if your system has the libs listed here :
    then I suppose you can try to start the SOA installer with "-ignoreSysPrereqs" flag to force it to start. These params are explained here :

    Again, I am not sure how it will behave as Mac is not supported, but you can give it a try .

    Also, running in a separate VM and copying I believe can cause some problems, because of different libs versions and path.

  3. sap erp financials Says:

    After confirming all the requirements specified on the link I have tried the installation process but was not able to do it successfully as I received plenty of errors. After spending lot of time to resolve them finally I made it. Thanks for providing all the details.