BPEL Samples

A couple of additions to the list of SOA samples list

Some new BPEL samples from Clemens on SOA PM blog.

Also the fusion order demo for SOA 11g PS1

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ServerURL and Callback Server URL in SOA 11g

When you want to test a composite in SOA 11g you will see something similar to this screenshot :

You would want to change the "localhost.localdomain" part of the URL to some other hostname - for example I will use "deskLinux". To do this you need to modify the ServerURL and CallbackServerURL in the SOA configuration. This can be easily done via SOA Enterprise Manager :

1. Right Click on SOA-INFRA component in the left navigation tree. Go to Soa Administration --> Common Properties

2. Set the CallBackServerURL and the ServerURL to  http://deskLinux:8001 and click Save button

3. Restart SOA server to activate the changes . The URL should now be modified for all composites.

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