Dynamic FTP Adapter in SOA 10.1.3

The Outbound dynamic configuration is supported via JCA dynamic partnerlinks. There are 2 possible scenarios for this (which are described in detail in Oracle SOA tutorial 140.AdapterFramework\DynamicPartnerlinks) :

a) the dynamic part is the jca:address location attribute

<jca:address location="eis/ftp/anonymous">

The BPEL process can decide which JCA Connection Factory (JNDI entry) to use. The dynamically chosen JNDI name at runtime must already be defined in oc4j-ra.xml .

b) the dynamic part are the JCA connection properties:

<jca:address ManagedConnectionFactory="oracle.tip.adapter.ftp.FTPManagedConnectionFactory"

where the dynamic attributes include Host, Port, Username and Password. Then attribute ManagedConnectionFactory is not changeable. This solution is independent of the existence of any oc4j-ra.xml defined connection factory locations.

For the Inbound synchronous read the solution is t
o use the synchronous read operations available for the adapter.

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